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Located at 68° N, Stamsund is the southern most of our plants, placed in the region of Lofoten.

Main products at Stamsund are fresh and frozen fillets, loins, portions, tails and block of Cod, Saithe and Haddock.
125 employees

The plant at Melbu has one of the most modern production facilities in the company.

Main products produced at Melbu are fresh and frozen fillets, loins, portions and block of Cod, Saithe and Haddock. Sawing and packing frozen private label products for the Norwegian and European market.

As the only one of our plants in Norway – Melbu also produce VAP frozen products for some of the largest retail
In addition, the Government of Norway and Labrador enforces a quality program for harvesters to monitor temperature, storage and handling. Vessels are inspected at random upon landing.

Gösta Fish & Seafood AB operates 2 large processing facilities (Stamsund & Melbu) Additionally the company manages 6 sourcing stations for fish (Stamsund fisk, Kleppstad, Skårvågen, Skarsvåg, Nesseby and Molde)
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