We are very proud of our quality assurance program which ensures that our customers consistently recieve the best quality products. We employ stringent at-sea raw material handling practices to ensure that all fish products are landed fresh, chilled and acceptable for processing.

We monitor and control the process from harvesting to final packaging ensuring best practices and traceability. We have invested in modern state of the art facilities to ensure that Gösta Fish & Seafood AB products are processed quickly and meet all quality specifications.Our production personnel are trained in HACCP and food hygiene principles. Our quality assurance program is managed by experienced, certified personnel who take their responsibility seriously.

Our products and facilities are inspected and certified by the Norwegian Food Saftey Authority. This organization ensures annual compliance verification and provides Certificates of Health, Origin and Hygiene. We also use independent recognized quality agencies to audit our process and provide international product certification.

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We have been awarded certification by important international private and governmental institutions, in some cases on behalf of demanding customers.

1) Gösta Fish & Seafood AB has the approval from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The HACCP- and sanitary program is in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s seafood HACCP regulation 21 CFR 123.

2) Gösta Fish & Seafood AB has the approval from AIB International.

The plant has fulfilled the requirements of the AIB Consolidated Standards for Food Safety.

To manage these standards Gösta Fish & Seafood AB has developed and implemented a Quality Manual in the plant. The manual includes:

From August 2014 we has been MSC certified on Salmon, Cod, Haddock and Mackerel.
Norway enjoys a unique, clean aquatic environment. This natural fishing and farming environment, combined with our extensive expertise and years of experience are the key factors for success at Gösta Fish & Seafood AB.

Our facility is situated in the middle of the Red King Crab and Whitefish catching areas in North-Norway. This gives us an unique opportunity to supply high quality products on regular basis.

In addition to the local coastal fleet, the rawmaterial are ensured by 8 larger vessels.

Gösta Fish & Seafood AB  got live storage facility for 40 MT live king crab. In addition to F-104 No, Vardøbruket As operate one live storage facility in West-Finnmark and one production facility in Aalesund region.
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